We are delighted to introduce...

We are delighted to introduce to you Bullfrog Design - the latest addition to the Sarsfield Brooke portfolio of incredible furniture. The range, all designed and made in Germany must be experienced to be believed. Supremely comfortable, flexible and functional pieces for the ultimate in enjoyment of life.

Bullfrog from Michelau in upper Franconia, Germany creates upholstered comfort straight from the designers hand to customers all over the world. As experts in both comfort and design aesthetic, Bullfrog channels all its talent and experience in its work to create some of the world’s most stylish and liveable designs. 

As our lifestyles are changing, new requirements for modern upholstery furniture are emerging. Sitting relaxing, reclining, sleeping... an exciting challenge for design and construction. The results are premium designs that combine craftsmanship with an elegant sophisticated vibe. 

Bullfrog creates sofas for customers worldwide with the intention of satisfying the needs of an open minded, sustainable and modern lifestyle. This cosmopolitan attitude is what defines Bullfrog: the whole team is passionate about friendship, partnership & tolerance. 

Bullfrog stands for creative seating, for international design, for aesthetics and individuality, for poetry and movement. Bullfrog stands for quality in detail, for technology with added value, for joy in living, and for interpersonal communication. Bullfrog believes in where all our partners in the world work together in an atmosphere of friendship, tolerance, partnership and in the conviction that we keep the world moving, on and on and on ... 

NAME : The Bullfrog is a symbol of modern flexibility. Bullfrog is “Krote” in German; an animal that also represents human traits by feeling comfortable in the basic elements of earth, water and air, an environment in which the Bullfrog runs, jumps and swims. 

DESIGN : Design is based around how the human form likes to live in today’s world. Design is the central point of the Bullfrog corporate culture and sees these designs as a global challenge to create products, processes, our identity and our field of work with a sense of poetry; poetry seen in the ideal combination of quality, functionality and sensuality. Great design is our mission. 

QUALITY : Modern German upholstery technology guarantees the best quality. Bullfrog teams this technology with steel frames for the highest level of stability, high end suspension by dint of steel springs, and luxurious seat comfort provided by high performance poly-foam and soft upholstery coating provided by the wadding of the whole cover. Bullfrog offers the choice of soft cushions filled with downs and foam flakes or ball fibre. Furniture feet are made of stainless steel, aluminium or solid wood. All functional parts are made out of premium steel providing for solid and long lasting construction. All Bullfrog leathers are sourced from the best provinces and are free of PCP, CFC and forbidden AZO compounds. A variety of modern luxurious fabrics are also on offer.

We are delighted to introduce...