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These eye-catching beds are offering far more than just a place to sleep.
Words Margie Riddiford

When you really think about it, your bed is the piece of furniture on which you will inevitably spend most of your time. Too often, we wax lyrical about the importance of a sculptural sofa or an eye-catching coffee table when really, we’ve been neglecting the piece that (because it’s usually hidden away in a bedroom) is given far less attention. And it’s a crying shame.

In considering which bed to buy, practicality is (of course) an important factor. After all, a comfortable slumber is crucial if you’re to tackle your days with aplomb. But it’s not the only thing to think about. Here, we would like to argue that alongside comfortability and structure, style should be as high on your list of bed criteria as anything — and these impressive beds from Sarsfield Brooke are proving why.

As the central piece of the bedroom, a well-chosen bed will set the tone of the entire space. For those with more decorative tastes, beds like the 9639 model by Angelo Cappellini of Italy with its ornate, geometrically patterned headboard will prove the perfect piece to rest weary heads.

Whereas those wanting something more contemporary might instead opt for a piece from the Opera Contemporary of Italy range, like the Alba bed with its sleek double headboard detailed with leather cords, or the Dorothy, with its unmissable, quilted headboard that extends beyond the bounds of the bed’s structure.

If you’re after something that combines sumptuous details with a more modern feel, look no further than Opera Contemporary’s Sheila bed, with its subtle diamond quilting and bold, unapologetic shape.

Whatever your taste, Sarsfield Brooke boasts a wide range of unique, carefully designed beds to suit any kind of space, with most available in a variety of fabrics and finishes. So if you’ve been considering a bed upgrade, don’t sleep on it.

Denizen Modern Living