Archetto Freedom Lighting

Manufactured by:

Antonangeli Lighting of Italy


Made in Italy

Archetto Freedom welcomes the freedom to create from Spatialism.

Lucio Fontana is the inspiration: founder of the movement, which favored the creative will rather than the finished product. The artist experimented, with emptiness and light, the system for developing space: anticipating the research of the 'Light and Space' movement, born in the 60s and 70s in the United States and other artists, such as the famous Dan Flavin , who have ventured into luminous works of art, using neon. Over the last 50 years, producing light with the cold cathode, shaping glass with a blowtorch has generated works of great charm, but also of absolute fragility: often unique works, but also immovable. Today, with Archetto FreedomĀ®, we have achieved a malleable light profile, modelable by hand, which allows you to build free forms in space: completely free forms, for the interpretation of the user. In this way each intervention becomes a unique work, but reusable for other interpretations, since the luminous profile can be shaped as desired, several times.

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