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Infinity Table Base

by MIDJ of Italy

Product Code: INFINITY

Made in Italy

Ø 44 x 51 H (Max top: 80 Ø  / 70 x 70)
Ø 44 x 76 H (Max top: 80 Ø / 70 x 70)
Ø 70 x 76 H (Max top: 120 Ø / 90 x 90)
Center pole size: 4

Perfect table base for a environment with style and edge. The Infinity table base comes in chrome, or lacquered in white or aluminum. The stunning top is available in transparent glass, extra clear glossy white glass, white or rok melamine to add even more style to your space. Alternatively you may provide your own table top as long as it remains within the size requirements.

Available with a 2 year warranty. See the Terms of Business page for more details.


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