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Apollo Dining Table

by MIDJ of Italy

Product Code: M APOLLO

Made in Italy

140 - 190 W x 90 D x 75 H
160 - 210 - 260 W x 90 D x 75 H
190 - 240 - 290 W x 90 D x 75 H

Extendible dining table with a aluminum structure. Top available in melamine, lacquered wood, wood veneer, glossy glass, scratch resistant glass or crystal ceramic. Extensions available in melamine, lacquered wood or wood veneer.

New Material:
Scratch Resistant Glass - The unique degree of opacity enhances the aesthetic and technical features of glass, making it less sensitive to scratches. Hygienic, stain resistant and anti-fingerprint, creating easy a clean up and maintenance.
Crystal Ceramic - Considered the ideal material for table tops, with the match between glass and Laminam, offering a great mix of hardness and lightness, with surprising properties of heat resistance and surface hygiene. Water repellent, oil repellent, acid repellant, non-toxic and UV protected.

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